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A Higher Standard of Renovation in Vancouver, BC

Rightway Home And Living is an independent company in British Columbia, run and managed by a Richmond husband-and-wife team, passionate about design and creativity. Our renovation experts can take care of everything from the initial design and planning through to construction and finishing. Our sister company, Rightway Stone Art, has been offering a wide range of options in natural granite and quartz stones and kitchen accessories to customers since 2006. Whether you’re a homeowner or developer, get in touch with us today for kitchen and bathroom renovation services and products. Our professional team is ready to work closely with you to give your spaces the bespoke finish you are looking for.

Why Rightway?

Experienced in the industry

In-house design

Detailed approach to projects

Transparency and dependability

Customized & quality services

Competitive pricing

We are excited about your home renovation projects as much as you are and do our best to achieve perfection. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Rightway Home And Living for your next project:


Project Inquiry

Let us help you proceed quickly with your envisioned project.

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